Which Edition Should I buy?

Which version of User Profile Wizard you need depends on how you want to migrate your machines. That, in turn, will most likely depend on the number of machines you need to migrate.

If you want to automate the migration process, so you can migrate workstations silently, without any user intervention, you will need the Corporate Edition.

There are two ways that you can automate the migration of workstations. You can script the migration, or use the Corporate Edition Deployment Kit to create a Single Deployment (.exe) File, so that the migration can be run automatically from, say, an old domain Computer start up script Group Policy, or from any existing desktop management software, like SCCM. This is the recommended means of deployment.

Alternatively, you may be able to “push” the migration from a central machine. A push migration is dependent on the configuration of your workstations and your network: User Profile Wizard only uses standard Microsoft File and Printer sharing; File and Printer Sharing must already be enabled and the machines must be discoverable.

User Profile Wizard Professional is licensed per technician and allows you to migrate an unlimited number of machines. However, it does not have the automation features of the Corporate Edition, limiting you to migrating one computer at a time via the GUI.

There is a feature comparison here: https://www.forensit.com/comparison.html.