How is User Profile Wizard Licensed?

User Profile Wizard Corporate Edition

At ForensiT we have been supporting companies and organizations migrating their users to new Windows domains for nearly 20 years. We know that is not something you do every year: you only need our software when you need it, and we don't want you to have to pay for it when you don't.

The Corporate Edition of User Profile Wizard is licensed per seat, that is, for each computer you migrate. The licenses are non-transferable and cannot be reused. However, you can use any licenses that you purchase wherever you want. All we ask is that you purchase a license for each machine you migrate.

When you purchase the Corporate Edition, you are buying a one year subscription. So, for example, if you purchase a 100 license subscription, you can migrate up to 100 machines during the year. You can add additional licenses to your subscription if you need to. At the end of the year the licenses expire. When you need to use our software again, you simply purchase another subscription.

A one year subscription includes product updates and support by email.

User Profile Wizard Professional

User Profile Wizard Professional is licensed per technician and allows each technician to migrate an unlimited number of machines. However, the Professional Edition does not have the automation features of the Corporate Edition, limiting you to migrating one computer at a time via the GUI.

Professional Edition licenses are perpetual, and the current release comes with free updates for the lifetime of the product. Support is available via our Support Forum.